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"We can always rely on Prescott HR Consulting to create the best solutions for our needs.  Kimberly's knowledge of the laws and HR strategies is invaluable to organizations that do not have that talent in-house.  As we grow and our needs change, Kimberly continues to be our trusted partner."


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An Interview with PHRC Founder Kimberly Prescott

Listen as PHRC founder Kimberly Prescott is interviewed for a podcast on LocalJobsNetwork.com Radio.  Life happens, and as a leader, manager, and employer it is important to understand what your responsibilities are when one of your employees informs you that they are expecting. Kimberly Prescott, founder of Prescott HR Consulting, joins the show to explain the obligations that employers have for expecting employees. In addition, with host Cady Chesney, Ms. Prescott will explore how employers can be proactive and be prepared for happy life events, such as pregnancy.

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Maryland Passes Paid Sick Leave Law Effective 2/11/18

All Maryland employers are required to begin providing Employee Safe and Sick (ESS) leave effective on February 11, 2018.

Small employers, those with 14 or less employees on average in the preceding year, must provide ESS leave to eligible employees, but the leave may be unpaid.

Large employers, those with 15 or more employees on average in the preceding year, must provide paid ESS leave to eligible employees.

Employer size is based on number of actual employees each month without regard to employee status or hours worked in the month.

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